'The Tattooist' Deluxe Collectible Edition

'The Tattooist' Deluxe Collectible Edition


  The Deluxe Collectible Edition of 'The Tattooist' is a professional quality, fully assembled and painted version of 'The Tattooist' kit.

   It comes with wall pieces and a choice of tiled or wood effect floor to represent the actual studio. The sailor depicts a U.S. navy veteran of the 40's and 50's so will stay mostly the same for each version but you can specify the colour scheme for the Artist to truly personalise this stunning collectible of your own.

Both sailor and Artist will come with their own 'Tatts', these will be painted on at the discretion of the Devilfish Staff Artist.

 Please state any requirements you have for your piece ie. Tiled or wood floor and clothing of the Artist via the contact section when placing your order.

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