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Hand sculpted 1/5 scale fantasy busts. 
An exciting new range of large plastic kits to build and paint featuring a choice of heads, accessories and a posh plinth to mount them on.

Apart from swapping over heads these busts require very little assembly. Once they are painted they will make a fantastic addition to any collection. Being larger than most kits available these 1/5th scale busts allow the collector room to 'Go mad' on his or her personal paint job.  Each kit comes complete with a 'Tips and Tricks' sheet to help you get the most out of your new acquisition.

New Releases


By popular demand, the new Tattoo studio is here and ready to be painted.  Please visit the shop and place your orders now.   

'The Vampire' This ancient hero is always on the lookout for adventure, especially if there is a chance to grab a quick bite along the way.
 The kit comes with a choice of two different heads some very large fangs and a posh plinth to mount him on.
'The Priest' This Ecumenical nightmare is a devotee of the highest order. Preaching the name of his Lord wherever he goes he is usually (reluctantly) included in an adventurers party for his fanaticism and healing powers. Go to the products section to check out Brother Puritanus and Brother Bipolaris.
'The Gladiator' A combat specialist trained for the Arena, this ancient warrior has won his freedom after years of victories in front of adoring crowds. Never one for settling down he now spends his time wandering the land in search of treasure and adventure. 

About Devilfish


Devilfish Collectibles is a brand new gaming and collectibles manufacturer from England, UK.

Founded in 2020, Devilfish's aim is to produce a range of exciting and unusual busts and full body sculpts. The first being the 'Heroes of the Dungeon' range featuring brand new takes on your most popular fantasy heroes.

These are very large pieces, mounted on their plinths the average height is around 8 inches! If you are looking for a painting project you can really get your teeth into then look no further.

 There will also be a 'one off' category for rare and unusual stand alone sculpts. 

 Plans for a fun and exciting new BOARD GAME are in development in which you recruit then lead a hand picked band of adventurers through treacherous badlands in search of fortune and fame.


New heroes are planned for release once created and extra heads and accessories for existing models will also be available so keep an eye on the 'new stuff' section.

The aim is to produce top quality figures for your mantelpiece, display cabinet or game board.




Special Releases

One-off sculpts and Vignettes.


  'The Tattooist is a brand new kit and our biggest one to date.
  Bursting with character it depicts a sailor from the USN during the 1950's era.
  Home on shore leave after many months sailing the seven seas his first port of call is the local Tattoo Shop by the docks. As a token of his 'true love' he is having her name indelibly inked onto his arm......
  Just below his last 'true love'!!

 This kit contains 18 detailed resin parts.

 Please note: the floor and walls are not included with the standard kit. Pictured here is a version of the 'Deluxe Collectible Kit' which comes ready assembled and painted to your personal colour scheme, see more details in the 'Products' section.

On the Workbench...


'Thefff out' is on his way

The Gladiator is on his way!!

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Hand made in England UK